Student Monitor College Market ResearchFounded in 1987, Student Monitor provides syndicated and custom market research services focused exclusively on the college student market.

MISSION: Student Monitor's mission is to serve the market intelligence and research needs of those targeting college students as a consumer group or for recruitment purposes.

HISTORY: For more than twenty years, Student Monitor has leveraged its resources and expertise in support of the college market goals and objectives of Fortune 500 companies, federal and state agencies, as well as the non-profit sector.



  • Lifestyle & Media provides a comprehensive understanding of how students interact with virtually every form of media, students' consumer behavior, purchasing patterns, their attitudes, concerns and plans.  
  • Financial Services examines the Financial Services needs of college students including Personal Banking (checking and savings accounts), Student Loans, Credit cards and other Financial Services products (investments, insurance, etc.).
  • Telecom examines student’s interaction with communications hardware and equipment, long distance and local calling habits and behavior, and cellular ownership and use.
  • Computing & The Internet details what computer hardware and software students own, use and plan to purchase. The study examines in depth what students are doing on the Internet, how frequently, and why.
  • Recruitment examines the transition from full-time undergraduate college student to full-time employment to include the role of internships, the campus Career Center, the job search process and student expectations related to compensation, benefits and career growth.

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