Computing & The Internet

If you're a part of the Computing or Internet-related industries, you probably already know that college students are one of the most computer literate and Internet active segments of society.

These students have the skills, curiosity and resources to take full advantage of the benefits of personal computing and the Internet. In fact, personal computing is without question an integral element of student lifestyle.

Hardware manufacturers, software publishers (as well as marketers using the www as a marketing tool to reach students) should take special notice of this consumer segment . . . and not take it for granted.




Computing & The Internet details what computer hardware and software students own, use and plan to purchase. The study also looks at the incidence of unlicensed downloading as well as a comprehensive list of online and digital activities.

The campus is clearly the hub of student computing. The study also examines what resources are made available to students and what influence colleges and universities have on student preferences.