Student Monitor Philosophy

For more than twenty years, Student Monitor has examined the young adult segment, with special emphasis on the 18-29 year olds who can be found on college campuses now or are recent graduates.

These current and former students should be seen as the "leading edge" of the younger adult market. This is because the young adults who have attended or graduated from college are the most attractive consumers in the 18-29 segment, and represent the young adults with the best career prospects, highest spending power, highest consumption of media, and highest usage of premium products and of financial services.




They are the most likely to be involved in their community, to give charity, to do volunteer work and to vote. Their high comfort level and extensive experience with technology mean that they are also among the earliest adopters (and purchasers) of new technologies and electronics items.

College students and college-educated adults are the upscale consumers most major marketers chase. Our goal is to help our subscribers understand young adults' needs and interests, and help them begin building a long-term relationship with their best customers. Why wait? (*It's also the rationale for your brand's college marketing efforts)