Student Monitor Services

Student Monitor conducts six national studies each year among full-time undergraduates at four-year colleges and universities. Our sample of 100 campuses is carefully designed to be representative of the total universe of more than 6 million full-time undergraduates. Our syndicated studies are conducted using in-person, on-campus, one-on-one intercepts by professional interviewers. The sample size is 1,200 per study. Each interview takes about fifty-five minutes to complete.

Our syndicated studies include:

The Lifestyle & Media Study is fielded twice each year and is our base study. It covers students' attitudes, activities, leisure and media choices. This study is relevant to all college-oriented marketers who want to understand campus life. It is used for everything from developing media and creative strategies to finding out how students spend their time...and where. We examine what's in on campus, students' favorites, feelings about the future, career plans and strategies, their purchase activities and locations, and much more. We also track the activities and attitudes of heavy www users to capture the impact of new technologies on campus.





Lifestyle & Media questions about media. The Lifestyle & Media Study media section is the only ongoing, comprehensive study of students' media preferences, activities and attitudes. It covers time spent with broadcast, favorite TV shows, cable viewing, activities while watching TV or listening to the radio, location of viewing, and more. We examine magazines, national newspapers, college newspapers, and college-specific publications

Industry-specific category studies_Free-stranding studies that examine key categories in depth. Current category studies include Recruitment, Telecom, Financial Services and Computing & The Internet.

Customization options While these are syndicated studies, we do offer limited space on a first-come-first-served basis, for confidential "tack-on" questions. This is a cost-efficient way to explore issues of particular importance to your business.

Additional services: Student Monitor's comprehensive services don't stop with our syndicated reports - our job's not done until we present the information. We visit clients to discuss all studies and integrate the findings into their business. We are also available for telephone consultations as issues arise. Call us any time: we'll help you get your college program up and running, and keep it on track.