Custom Research Services

Student Monitor is the nationally recognized, leading research service specifically targeting the college market. We are best known for our syndicated studies, both our Lifestyle and Media study and industry specific category studies. However, Student Monitor also possesses deep experience in custom research and consulting, and has helped clients as diverse as Bank of America and Microsoft, Viacom and Monster to better understand college students.

Student Monitor approaches custom research projects in two ways: first, we check to see if the issues can be explored through our syndicated studies; second, we offer a full range of research methodologies and craft an approach that answers questions in the most effective and efficient manner and, of most importance, can work in the campus setting.
This is where our deep experience is most beneficial. Unlike general research companies, we've lived through countless research and marketing programs on campuses across the country, which means that we know where the potential "potholes" and challenges are and how to avoid them. This, we believe, is our unique qualification for custom work and the source of our added-value to any project.

Using Syndicated Data to Answer Custom Issues Student Monitor's syndicated database means that we can, first check for available insights into clients' information needs. If the issues have not been covered in the syndicated studies, we can, based on availability append proprietary questions to an upcoming survey. This is a significant benefit since custom questions can then be analyzed along with the other findings in the larger survey. Of course, all proprietary questions and results are screened from other syndicated clients to preserve confidentiality.

Qualitative and Quantitative Custom Research Answers If the foregoing approaches cannot fully address an information need, we would then turn to an exploration of other solutions. We have access to focus group moderators who are comfortable with young adults. Our insights into the market can be of great help in creating a discussion guide and, along with the moderator, "proctoring" the focus groups. We would then prepare a companion report to the moderator's standard report. In this way, you benefit from a third-party view on the issues as well as our point-of-view based on our experience in the market and our access to nationally projectable data.






If the project requires a quantitative approach, once again our experience conducting nationally projectable surveys on campus since 1987 would come into play. We offer in-person intercepts-the most ambitious, but also the most dependable and rich methodology-as well as telephone techniques. We don't recommend using mail in this market. Our telephone resources include full CATI (computer aided telephone interviewing) services, which means that results can be obtained very quickly. Of course, all projects are turnkey, from questionnaire design and execution through analysis.

Recent Projects Confidentiality prevents full descriptions of recent custom projects. However, here are capsule summaries of a several assignments:
Pre- and post-study of the impact of a new college-oriented ad campaign and re-positioning. Executed via in-person intercepts. This study faced crucial time constraints, which we met, due to the specifics of the campaign's introduction date, a last-minute decision and execution late in the term.

Focus groups to assess reactions to a college-oriented custom publishing program. This was a case where our in-depth analysis supplemented the moderator's report. The result was a comprehensive review of the program and extremely deep insights.

Custom analysis of automotive intenders. We created a special run of our general study based on different types of vehicle purchase plans, i.e., by timing of purchase and new-versus-used. We then examined a range of media and consumer issues helping create insights into the new car student market and how to reach these students.

Custom analysis and report of student shopping patterns and spending to help a regional real estate firm sell shopping centers near campuses.

As you can see, we offer comprehensive syndicated and custom services, and work hard to provide a wide variety of information resources to meet our clients' information needs. We would be pleased to explore your specific needs and see how Student Monitor can help with your campus programs.